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Spider-Man Heroes and Villains (Eaglemoss)

This magazine is now on sale in Australia, after appearing in France, Poland and Russia. The 7-page mini-epics I was asked to write take place in a classic Marvel universe…


Galactus image

She’s Not There

One of my favourite tales involves a virus that can mutate super powers. The virus increases The Invisible Girl’s abilities until everything she touches becomes invisible. With the FF having vanished, she calls on Spidey for help. The virus ultimately threatens the visibility of the entire universe. Even the Watcher gets involved, because after all, there may soon be nothing left for him to watch… The Cosmic storyline have us an excuse to set up the story with this great Mike Collins picture of Galactus’s glove.

French panel


Captain Kerosene

Lest We Forget

A World War Two related tale enabled me to revive a character I created for Marvel (UK) in the 1990s… Captain Kerosene.


Ant Man

Quit Bugging Me

One of the characters we had a lot of fun with in Heroes and Villains was Hank Pym… Ant Man



























Another tale involved the Silver Surfer being trapped in his own board. Being given a 7-page limitation did tend to turn my mind towards fables, and I wanted a Surfer story with a fairy tale quality. I think I was echoing a comic I had read as a child where Loki, the God of Mischief, was trapped in a tree and could only escape if someone wept for him. In this strip, the Surfer could only get out if another hero was unselfish enough to take his place…



Art by Ant Williams

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