Ant Man


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Ant Man


One of the characters we had a lot of fun with in Heroes and Villains was Hank Pym. There is so much surreal and comic potential in his desire to be an Ant Man. Our Ant Man was insecure, always upstaged by the other Avengers (Captain America never writes to him) and resorting to constantly changing his costume just to get attention. “People belittle me because I look like an ant!” etc. In this tale, in an attempt to revive his career and flagging self-esteem, he uses his Yellow Jacket identity to compete with Spidey and become a hero of the streets. As a kid in the UK, I had no idea that wasps are called Yellow Jackets in the USA, and simply thought he had bizarrely named himself after his own yellow costume…

Art by Ant Williams.


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