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Glenn Dakin has written for many comics and children’s TV shows, including the BBC’s Shaun the Sheep, Temptation; and the semi-autobiographical strip Abe. He lives in Cambridge, England.

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“A bright light in the fantasy genre”
Kirkus Reviews

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Harley Davis by Mark Brooks
Artist: Mark Brooks

Marvel Mayhem!

Motormouth is back! Glenn has joined the Revolutionary War from Marvel Comics, bringing back the long lost Marvel UK heroes. Revolutionary War: Motormouth#1, released March 2014, is part 6 of the great saga. The series was devised by Alan Cowsill and Andy Lanning, so check out all the titles. Motormouth fans will be amazed to see whatís happened to Harley Davis since we last saw her ?and meet some surprising new additions to her life?Go to the Heroes page to see more of Glennís comic work!

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