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Glenn Dakin has written for many comics and children’s TV shows, including the BBC’s Shaun the Sheep, Temptation; and the semi-autobiographical strip Abe. He lives in Cambridge, England.

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“A bright light in the fantasy genre”
Kirkus Reviews

CandleMan 2 - US release
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Beyond Finity by Glenn Dakin and Phil Elliot

Beyond FinityPhil Elliott has put together this collection of comic strips that we created together a few years back.
It features offbeat tales like Sea Head, Skiff, Flat Man and the Vicar of St Voix. Plus some 'Abe'-like travels. The comics originally appeared in Strip (Marvel UK), Deadline, and Taboo.
This serious weirdness can be bought here



Harley Davis by Mark Brooks

Who Is Candle Man?
Candle Man is a fantasy novel about a modern-day teenage boy who finds he is descended from a crime fighter in Victorian times. However there is more to the legend of the Candle Man than meets the eye, a dark secret covered up for over a century. There are two novels in the series so far: Candle Man: the Society of Unrelenting Vigilance and Candle Man 2: The Society of Dread. A third book is planned, called Candle Man 3: The Way of the Dodo.
Shaun The Sheep

Marvel Mayhem!

Glenn will be Writer-in-Residence at Rock Road Library, Cambridge, CB1 7UG, from March 2018 to 2019. This will involve a couple of talks, a workshop about creating TV characters and a chance to chat at a regular 'surgery', at the library, the last Friday of each month. We can discuss all aspects of writing and even talk about Shaun the Sheep, one of the TV shows Glenn writes for! 


Candle Man Book 1

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